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global citizen

When we started EAT, one of our goals was always to align ourselves with businesses, organizations, and causes with a mission we could believe in. That’s why our hearts collectively leapt when Global Citizen approached us about working together to create a visual identity for the 2015 Global Citizen Festival. Global Citizen represents the best of what we strive for, both as a brand and as human beings – harnessing creativity to unite the global village in enacting meaningful change.

We worked closely with Global Citizen’s creative team to create three distinct paths to a unique visual identity for this year’s festival. This provided Global Citizen’s leadership team with enough options to find a one that truly resonated with their message.

According to Global Citizen’s Co-Founder, “Working with EAT was a total treat! We loved how collaborative their process is, allowing our creative team to work with their designers to create artwork that everyone was proud of.”

It makes our hearts smile to see our artwork all over the streets of New York City, side by side with some of the biggest global brands in support of a cause we deeply believe in. We flew out to NYC for the event to support this amazing movement and had a great time celebrating the project with the Global Citizen team.

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