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We wish we had jumped...we’s not that we were’s just that...we didn’t have enough time in the day….yes...that’s our story...we weren’t scared...we just didn’t have the time in the day :)

We loved working on this commercial production for Hershey’s Latin America with Director Rog Souza, an old friend of ours and an incredibly talented director. Collaborating with Rog and Zeppelin, a world renowned Brazilian film production company, we tackled the usual challenges of film production (catering, transportation, location permits etc.) but also faced a problem we never imagined we would encounter:
How do you safely film actors hurtling themselves into the abyss attached to a bungee cord?

EAT made it happen. Me, as a Film Director, will always have them on my mind for projects within North America or even abroad, ‘cause when we were together I knew production was well taken care of so I could move on constructing my ideas.” - Rog Souza

To accomplish Rog’s vision, we employed the expertise of a local bungee jumping expert and guide who knew exactly how to safely execute this stunt. Over the course of a day we safely filmed our actors making the 260 foot high plunge off a platform atop the Dirty Devil River Bridge in Glen Canyon, Utah. It was exciting and terrifying and truly our only regret was that we ran out of time before we could take the jump ourselves.

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