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red bull culture marketing

it's easy to fade off when you’re bored…even with an unlimited supply of Red we kept Red Bull College’s students awake by talking with them...not at them...we think we would have liked school more if our teachers had done more of this.

Twice a year, Red Bull sends all of their new employees to a three day “Red Bull College” at Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica, CA to get a better understanding of the wider company, all of its departments and their functions. It’s an intense three days with lots of complex and important information being thrown at the students so Red Bull’s “Culture Marketing” team knew that they needed to really work to make their presentations unique and readily understandable and easily absorbed.

Working together with Red Bull’s “Culture Marketing” division, we created a number of presentations that communicated not just the role of each division of Red Bull, but also the way these departments work in synergy to create the fabric of the company as a whole.

“Hi Everyone. IT LOOKS SO AMAZING. The presentation was yesterday and I am happy to say- IT WAS AMAZING!!!
We killed it thanks to ya’ll!” - Alex Petro, Culture Marketing Assistant at Red Bull

Our goal in creating these presentations with Red Bull’s team was simple: Keep the students engaged - make them feel and understand that they are an integral part of the Red Bull story. To deliver on this goal we designed the lessons to be a conversation rather than a dense delivery of information.

We asked the students questions, we made them think and shout and respond both emotionally and intellectually.
Combining music and images we energized the audience by turning data into a story where each Red Bull employee is the star and protagonist - We made the students realize that they are the most integral part of Red Bull as a brand - that Red Bull is them!

It’s so exciting to us not only that Red Bull’s Culture Marketing team was excited by our work, but also that they continue to use our presentations. This is the way we like to work. We don’t just create solutions that work in the immediate, but rather, create the framework for approaching future problems with ease and innovation.

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