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Red Bull OP

the client:
Red Bull invited us to design a series of assets for events where their product was available to be consumed on-premise: think festivals, bars, cafes, etc. We designed posters promoting Red Bull + Vodka and cups that were meant to be so fun to look at that their lifecycle extended beyond the moment of consumption.

graphic design

the challenge:
With the posters, the challenge was to remind people about Red Bull + Vodka while they were deciding what to drink, in a way that was new and exciting while remaining true to the brand guidelines. For the cups, our mission was to come up with something so cool using the Red Bull rhombus that the consumer would want to take it home and include it in pictures.

the solution:
For both cups and posters, we came up with designs that were representative of the brand while still being new and adaptable to the tastes of the crowds at different settings. We were lucky! The client gave us the freedom to play and choose the options that we thought were the most exciting while also being the most tasteful.

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