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red bull shop

Red Bull is no longer just an energy drink. It’s a lifestyle and mentality that people resonate with. And what better way to show your affinity for it than branded merchandise available on their online retail shop,

To date we haven’t had many opportunities to work within the retail space so we were excited at the opportunity to bring our branding experience into Red Bull’s online retail outlet. Working with Collette Gangemi we were challenged to create an aesthetic language for everything Red Bull Shop related.

We needed a shorthand, a way of describing the visual language we would use to create the entire dynamic of their on-line retail universe. This language would also need to travel across a few mediums as we would also be working on Red Bull World, their physical retail shop, at the same time.

We began first with a full analyzation of the online retail world. Looking at other companies ventures into the online retail space we sorted out what worked for us, what didn’t work and began to define a language to comprehensively explain the different aesthetics we were seeing.

Looking forward we focused on a visual mood for the shop that would be happy, energetic, fun, lighthearted and would directly translate the core values of Red Bull.

We narrowed in on what we ultimately labeled as a “Fractal” visual language. Working within the branding style guide we created visuals that felt warm and welcoming while juxtaposing a sense of edge and modernity.

We wanted the brand images to feel like they are exploding in a way that feels celebratory and exciting. These fractal images are both energetic and controlled at the same time – a direct representation of the Red Bull mentality as a brand.

With our creative direction in place we moved on to create all of their branded graphic materials from web banners to gift cards, a presentation deck, a comprehensive style guide and branded merchandise based on our designs.

We then turned towards creating the physical pieces for the Red Bull store (a.k.a. Red Bull World) from t-shirts, to boxes, wrapping paper, discount cards, gift cards, and business cards.

We’re so lucky to be working with Red Bull on so many of their projects and their confidence in us to tackle such an important project is emboldening.

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