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We heard Bob Burnquist is a wild guy... We saw it first hand when he let us set his skateboard ramp on fire...and then his mom cooked us all was amazing.

For this project we coordinated the US production of the commercial launch of the Samsung Galaxy s4 called, “The Next Big Move.” Working with Samsung, their agency R/GA, and film production company Zeppelin, the shoot focused on two athletes performing unique tricks - one performed on land by legendary skateboarder Bob Burnquist, the other on the sea by World Champion surfer Gabriel Medina.

In charge of the “on land” portion of the production, we filmed at Bob Burnquist’s house which he calls “Dreamland,” where we were incredibly inspired by Bob’s vision and passion for his sport and life in general.

“A shoot featuring two top world sports celebrities needs a quick, detailed and focused production; EAT exceeded all of our expectations. A project that resulted in 57 Million views in Latin America wouldn’t have had all of this success without them as partners.” - Carlos Fonseca and Saulo Rodrigues - Executive Creative Directors R/GA Sāo Paulo

As we prepped the shoot, we thought Bob was joking when he said we could set his ramp on fire. When we realized he wasn’t, we set forth to make it happen - figuring out how to set the ramp on fire without leaving permanent damage as well as not risking burning Bob in the process.

The first day of production was amazing. We worked out of Bob’s house which really is a skateboarder’s dream: Bob has built a number of massive ramps unlike anywhere else in the world - his personal playground! Taking Bob’s suggestions, for the first day we arranged for firefighters and fire specialists to safely film the stunt.

Again and again we filmed Bob hurtling himself down his giant ramp and launching himself up a wall of fire. We filmed from sunrise until 3am and though we were exhausted we were so excited about the images we captured.

Day Two of production was considerably easier. Following Bob around some of his favorite spots to skate in San Diego, we captured hero images of him as well as beautiful product shots of the Galaxy S4.

It was an easy, beautiful filming experience - We all became fast friends and celebrated over a family style cookout prepared by Bob’s mom.

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