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WAG Society

Here’s something to know about us: If it has a tail...we love it. If it barks, meows, oinks, moos, brays, howls, whineys, caw-caws or crows...we love it. If it’s a bulldog, we especially love it. Send us all your cute animal videos well as your cute animal projects!

"First of all, I want to say that I am so in love with the branding you guys have created for us. I literally want everything!"

Mike Fallon, Director, WAGSociety

Seriously, we’re in love with our work for WAGSociety, a division of Hello Society - one of our favorite clients. They came to us with an amazing project: create a line of Pet inspired branding that would work in harmony with the existing creative work we did for Hello Society.

We couldn’t hide our squeals of excitement but, as professionals, we composed ourselves for a moment and laid out our ground-rules: Creating the designs, we knew we needed to have balance in the work. We knew the designs needed to be cute but not too cute as they would need to sync well with WAGSociety’s existing partners. We also knew that we had to be flexible - this couldn’t just be for cats and dogs.

After discussing and drafting a few potential approaches, our artists landed on using a “one-line” drawing to create a feeling of uniqueness and continuity. Working in this way, the pen never leaves the page and creates a constant and ever changing shape from one singular hand movement.

As in many designs, the simplicity of the image betrays the difficulty and skill it takes to create it. This technique really allowed us to create brand images that are both sophisticated and elevated while also being playful, grounded and consistent.

“I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! This brand is the best thing ever, I can't get enough of it. You guys did such an amazing job. Every time I look at it I just feel so HAPPY!! Get ready for some sWAG coming your way!!"

Kyla Brennan, CEO, Hello Society

We made bags and tattoos and pillows and mugs and doggie bags and so much crazy merchandising that just made us feel so HAPPY. We made happy pigs, and dogs and cats and turtles and foxes and so many different pieces that we’ll embarrass ourselves if we keep gushing. To say that this project is a favorite, as you can tell, is an understatement.

(BTW, Kyla was so happy she said she was going to get the logo as a tattoo...Still waiting for photos)

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