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Typically you don’t think of monsters being fun and cute, right? Well, Monstermatic makes you think otherwise.

The app is the first mobile game that allows users to let their imaginations run wild to create their very own monster - be it cute and colorful, or dark and menacing. Once created, users can interact with their monster and order a 3D print version to keep. What we love about the app is that it allows everyone to become a graphic designer and artist.

Monstermatic asked us to create an animated video to be released with the app once it hit the market, and used for pitching to investors. We needed it to be colorful and fun, all while making the interface of the app appear as alive and interactive as possible.

We needed to portray the monsters as cool little guys you want to play and be friends with, in efforts to allure people to download the app. We wrote the script, designed the graphics and illustrations, and put together some motion graphic animations to really bring the monsters to life.

We love Monstermatic for letting us explore so many colors, patterns, and shapes during the project, and it seems they loved how we explored - "it was a pleasure working the TALENTASTIC people over at EAT! I'd recommend the team to anybody looking for killer creative work, professionalism and outstanding organization. I can't wait for our next project together."

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