a creative studio
that delivers
your brand story
through design,
technology, and
experiential art


EAT all started in 2009 with nothing more than a 200 square foot apartment and stupid jokes over Skype (which eventually turned a simple connection into an unbreakable bond). We are a group of individuals who came together to form a creative studio based on our unique talents and perspectives. With team members residing in several different countries, we have purposefully positioned ourselves to tap into ideas and inspiration from all over the world. Ultimately, it’s this unique model which helps us deliver our clients work that is fresh, innovative and relevant to the global economy. From our humble beginnings, with a little sweat and a lot of heart, EAT now works with some of today’s most exciting start-ups and globally well-known brands.

We’re obsessed with branding and it shows in our work. We firmly believe that having a strong brand means you intuitively know your company’s personality. A company as such knows both its mission and audience, and knows how to accomplish its goals while connecting with their audience through functional and cohesive design. With this knowledge, a company can create actionable strategy based on an understanding of its brand and its relationship to its customers. Our job is to help you fully understand your company’s inner personality and unleash the strongest brand possible, all while appealing to your market and audience.

With years of developing and perfecting our processes, we’ve worked on multiple projects with various clients to successfully help companies develop strong brands. We take pride in our client services and we believe having passion in our work shows in the end result. Clients often turn into friends because they appreciate how involved we are, how much we care about our work, and how much we pay attention to their needs and wants.

Above everything, we are perfectionists about our quality of work. Nothing leaves our studio until we’re proud to put our name on it in BOLD. We reach this quality by several key elements: tried and tested processes, extreme organization, extensive research, constant communication, a good eye for design, and a dream team. Call us romantics, but we are in love with what we do. We care more about our work and clients than we do about money in the bank. Our team is tightly knit family of like-minded individuals who have a deep admiration for one another's talents. When you get to work with people you care about, amazing things happen. Each one of us comes from various backgrounds, cultures and parts of the world, making all of our perspectives different. This is what makes our work truly unique. We take our free time seriously because we believe there is no better way to be inspired than to be out in the world absorbing various cultures.

What was EAT inspired from? We built our ethos from a book called Funky Business, which stresses the importance of team happiness. This is why EAT's team members might happen to live all over the world - we want our employees to live and work where they are happy, where they are inspired, with the ability to experience different countries and cultures. We base our workplace hierarchy on leadership, admiration, respect, and trust. For this reason, we are all leaders in the company in various aspects. We hire people not only for their skills, but for their personalities - their dreams, ambitions, and sense of humor. Our structure allows our artists to feel empowered to go crazy and bring their visions to life.


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