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Canary Islands

it's very important for us to finish off the year with the same energy we started. that's why, every year, we get together during our team trip and focus on our bonding rituals as a team . this year, we wanted to disconnect from the world of followers, likes and wanted to keep the sharing between each other. we spread out twenty disposable cameras throughout the house we were staying, so we could document what we felt was most important. it was an opportunity to register our unfiltered, genuine selves on camera and gave us the chance to really be there in the moment. the results were candid pictures that captured the essence of this journey we took together. between new moon rituals, sitting in circles to say beautiful things about each other and a lost luggage or two, this team trip was unlike any other. it was a moment to be actively present in the moment. we planned, talked, laughed (a lot), partied (a little) and came out even stronger as a team and as individuals - ready to take on 2019.

Canary Islands

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